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Assalaam alaikum,

Fueled by the lofty vision of “Qur’an for all – in every hand, in every heart”, Al Huda Institute is excited to provide two of our offerings for those who cannot attend classes at our Mississauga campus. – eCampus and Distance Learning.

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What is an eCampus ?

eCampus stands for electronic campus, where all courses are taught through eLearning methodology.

As life gets more technology-centered, Al-Huda eCampus brings to you a revitalized system to quench your thirst for learning, on your terms, in your own time of convenience, whatever it may be!

  • Learn from your favourite Al Huda teachers
  • Sign up for short or long term courses,
  • Get Live lesson listener support
  • Escalate your sense of well-being
  • Gain spiritual and emotional strength via courses that help you build a positive mindset and a productive outlook on life, career, family and meaningful community connections.

Thousands of students choose this form of distance learning because it

enables them to grow in their abilities and Deen knowledge while continuing

to work full time, raising a family or simply staying in their homes in any global location.

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What is Distance Learning by Al Huda?

Distance Learning is a bridging avenue furnished for those who want to engage in the Islamic education offered by Al Huda Institute Canada, while living at a distance.

If you have a desire to learn, and would like to connect with us, we want to reach you! It’s part of our mission to make Qur’an learning accessible and engaging! We will make every effort for the light of Deen education and the joys of learning to reach You!

Here’s how:

  • Through Distance Learning courses, you can easily connect to :
    1. A formal class setup in a public accessible venue.
    2. A group class conducted in a private setting.

In each of these, Al Huda will extend to you-as a registered student- learning resources, coaching, guidance, help and support, along with learning progress trackers and most importantly, motivation.

In the absence of a formal or group class in your area, you can always form a group in your area and reach out to us. We will facilitate the establishment of a DL location and course in your city!

Al Huda Book Store Coming Soon

Al Huda eCampus Book Store is coming soon.
It would have the option for e-book purchase as well as buy books from our wide range option of Islamic book collection

Bookstore Coming Soon